Frequently asked questions

Is there really 100% coverage?

Yes, thanks to the satellite technology, which is independent from terrestrial cable networks, we provide the service across the whole country. There is no need for preliminary survey and there won’t be any unexpected surprises: we can bring internet to any place where electricity is available.

How long does it take to set the connection up in my apartment?

Within 30 days after placing the order and the payment of the set-up fee, but our technicians can install the necessary equipment in as little time as one week. You only need a parabolic antenna and an indoor receiver, and after they are installed, you can start using the internet right away.

Does the distance of the satellites slow down data traffic?

No, thanks to the state-of-the-art technology, data traffic is very fast. The ping is 700 ms, which is suitable for everyday internet usage. It may only cause interruptions during live online video gaming.

What should I do if I move and I need internet elsewhere?

Vannet’ satellite service is available across the whole country. Therefore there are no technical obstacles in the way if you move and would like to carry the subscription with you. In this case contact our customer service in order to discuss the schedule and technical details of redeployment.

What should I do If I reached the monthly data traffic limit?

Vannet’s satellite packages are in all cases unlimited, therefore the guaranteed bandwidth will continue to be available. In case you wish to use the original down and uploading speed, you can purchase a double data option. For the details please contact our customer service.

What should I do if I have a valid subscription but the internet is not working?

If you experience any kind of service interruption or technical error, please notify us by calling 72/315-331 at any time of the day so that our colleagues may start troubleshooting.

Can I switch from my seasonal subscription to one of the normal packages during the loyalty period?

Yes, it is possible. For the details please contact our customer service.

Can I use the internet when it’s raining or cloudy?

Naturally. Due to the modern signalling technology the weather cannot influence the quality of the service in any way. The internet works perfectly during a storm or under a thick cloud cover as well.

Why does it cost more than the packages of the big internet providers?

Vannet employs sustainable satellites to bring internet to anywhere, and to establish this service costs more than other methods using terrestrial infrastructure. This means that our rates are slightly higher than average, but in turn we can set up internet connection in areas where no other provider can do so. If you are living in a carefully wired settlement, where the offers of several internet providers are available, then Vannet is clearly not for you. But if your home or weekend house is outside the coverage area of traditional internet providers, then Vannet is the perfect solution for you.


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