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Vannet SZIP 30
gross 9 900 Ft / mo.
Loyalty period: 24 months
Download/upload speed
30 /6 Mbit/s
Data traffic limit
Unlimited data traffic with bandwidth offered
Registration fee (one-time)
9 900 Ft
Installation fee*
20 955 Ft


Vannet Superfast package is designed for the households where Superfast Internet Programme were unable to provide at least 30 Mbps dowload speed with optic fibre or mobile internet technology.

The package has 30 GB monthly data traffic limit. 1/1 Mbps download and upload speed remain available even if you surpassed the limit.

Our superfast package contains a night option. It means that between 1 and 6 hours in the morning there is no data counting, any download and upload during this time period will not be deducted from the data traffic allowance. During this time period original download and upload speed is available even if you have surpassed the mothly data limit.

In our residential packages the necessary service equipment (antenna, receiver unit) are in all cases installed by our expert employees. The equipment will remain under the ownership of the provider, but the subscriber will be responsible of their protection and intended use.

The installation is fee can be paid in instalments. In case of 24 monthy loyalty period you have to pay 990 Ft/month during two years.

In case of failed installation due to technical or geological conditions for the registration and installation fee we offer 100% payback guarantee 

For further information about our packages please contact our customer office.


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