Vannet’s satellite service provides stable and broadband internet connection throughout the country. The technology is completely independent from terrestrial networks, since upload and download are carried out via satellite. Therefore, there is no need for cables or transmission towers.

To use Vannet you only need a parabolic antenna and an indoor receiver, which are installed by our employees soon after the placing of the order. After the set-up is done, the internet service can be used immediately.

  • Actual 100% coverage throughout the whole of Hungary, even in remote areas.

  • Broadband, stable internet connection with up to 50 Mbs speed.

  • The installation does not need a telephone line or any additional services. To use the service you only need electricity.

  • It is available in several neighbouring countries and Western Europe (for more details please contact our customer office).

  • Short installation time, immediate usability.

  • The service can be deployed to anywhere on request.


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