Leased line internet

The most important advantage of leased line is that its availability can reach up to 99,9%. If your business needs continuous, secure and high bandwidth connection, Vannet is clearly for you.

We secure our leased line with microwave technology, therefore up to 2 Gbps speed is available. We can provide 50% and 100% guarantees for this.

The service does not come with fixed packages, therefore we can establish the bandwidth uniquely tailored to your needs. Download and upload speed are the same in all cases, which means we can provide super fast, two-way data traffic for you.

After you contact us our technicians carry out a free on-site survey at your premises in order to determine the available bandwidth. After the survey is done, we can give you a detailed and tailored price offer.

For further information and ordering the service please contact our colleague:

  • telephone: +36 72 315 331
  • e-mail:

You can find our traditional business packages HERE.



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