Power Antenna

In addition to our fixed antennas, our services can also be requested with using our self-adjusting power antenna.

Advantages of the power antenna:

  • Compact design that can be mounted on the car
  • Automatic positioning on satellite with a press of a button
  • Provides online access from every possible place in a few minutes
  • There is no need for technicians for setting it-up

We suggest using the power antenna for:

  • Primary on-site live sign-in
  • Broadcasting live sport events
  • Secondary, backup line, for live KU band technology broadcasts
  • On-site radio broadcasting
  • Emergency services (Police, Fire Department, Ambulance, Disaster Management, Border Security)
  • Library buses
  • Mobile banks
  • Screening buses
  • The Military Industry

For further information and order, please contact our colleagues:

  • Telephone: +36 72 315 331
  • E-mail: info@vannet.hu


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