"We’ve come a long way since the time before Vannet. There was an existing wired infrastructure, but it just wasn’t suitable for us. The service was very unreliable and connection broke down regularly. The provider was not considering any network maintenance any time soon, therefore we had to look elsewhere. Because of the lack of coverage, we had to cross out mobile internet as well. And then came Vannet. We’ve recently introduced the EKÁER system at our company, with our current stable and reliable internet connection."
Észak-Térkő Kft.
"I am a completely satisfied customer of Vannet. From the moment of placing my order until the installation everything went smoothly and the service is flawless as well. This is a great pleasure since for a long time neither provider was able to create internet at our winery."
Majoros László Majoros Birtok és Borbár, Tokaj
"The strictly protected Black storks are very rarely seen in Hungary. Since 2013 a camera is monitoring one of their nests so that viewers can watch live the everyday lives of these special birds. Only Vannet’s solution was able to provide stable internet connection with the adequate speed in a nature reserve without any infrastructure in order to secure the feed.
Gemenc Erdő Zrt.
"Internet connection is not an issue in the case of a Winery and Hotel which should be regularly on the table, however, it is essential both for our work and for the comfort of our guests. We were looking for a provider who is able to provide service at the quality we need, without any problems. If there are any network errors – which is a rare occurrence - the guys at Vannet can correct them immediately, so we can continue to focus on the comfort of our guests."
Szabó Bálint, deputy director Bock Hotel Ermitage, Villány


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